Marc and Shannon helped begin my Michigan Wedding Photojournalism business when they searched for a newspaper photographer to shoot their wedding at the old Bay Point Restaurant on Gun Lake. They wanted something different from the traditional wedding portrait photographer, someone who could capture the unfolding moments of the day.

I treated the event like a magazine assignment — looking for artistically composed images packed with personality and emotion that would tell the story of Marc and Shannon’s wedding. I also used a variety of lenes and distances to photograph scene setters as well as details of their event. Marc and Shannon wanted their photo files in black and white — classic! I had shot an occasional wedding before, but after this one, the word spread fast and the request for my “Wedding Photojournalism” style photography really took off.

Here’s a testimonial from Shannon: “Your pictures captured our day in a way no traditional photographer could ever hope to.  I shared my photographs with a friend that had been married a few weeks before and used a traditional photographer.  She paid ten times as much for his services and told me she wished she would have used you.  The difference was startling.  All of her pictures appeared posed, disjointed and rigid, whereas ours naturally unfolded to tell the story of a magical day.  I’m awestruck by the moods you were able to convey through your photographs.  I could not have hoped for the pictures to turn out like they did; I was truly amazed and often find myself opening our wedding album to relive the moments again and again.”    -Shannon  Miller, Chicago. Il

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